Aspirant Judges Education Pack

GSDCA Aspirant Judges Education Pack



The GSDCA constitution governs the way in which our organisation operates.

Read the GSDCA Constitution


Regulations Manual

The GSDCA has a compilation of Regulations, which should be read in conjunction with the GSDCA Constitution, and relevant GSDCA Manuals.

GSDCA Regulations Manual


Guiding Principles

For member clubs and officers of the GSDCA

GSDCA Guiding Principals


Character & Working Assessment Manual

GSDCA Character & Working Assessment Manual


Code of Ethics

For member clubs and officers of the GSDCA

GSDCA Code of Ethics


Breed Survey Manual

Breed Survey Manual (July 2020)


Extended Breed Standard

GSD Extended Breed Standard


National Show Manual

National Show Manual  (July 2020)


National Trial Manual

National Trial Manual  (July 2020)


ZAP Character Test Manual

ZAP Character Test Manual (July 2020)


Scale of Charges

Scale of Charges GSDCA (1 July 2020)


Sieger Show Press Pass

GSDCA Press Pass Guidelines


Communication Code of Conduct

Communication Code of Conduct (2020)