GSD’s in Service

The German Shepherd Dog breed was initially developed for sheep herding from herding breeds, but it soon
became evident that the dog had an ability and intelligence, along with physical prowess, to be utilized as a multi-purpose dog. Today many German Shepherd Dogs are used in the fields of protection, in the armed
services and as sniffer dogs. The breed is utilised world-wide in the forces all over the world.

The GSDCA recognises the work of these dogs in Australia by awarding Canine Service awards to deserving

GSDCA Canine Service Awards

In 1996 the GSDCA adopted a scheme for the recognition of German Shepherd Dogs for outstanding service throughout Australia.

A number of German Shepherds attached to the Police Forces have been injured or killed and others have performed bravely in “the line of duty”. The GSDCA acknowledges these German Shepherd Dogs for their work by presenting GSDCA Canine Awards to worthy recipients.

Police Dog Zues 

Presented in April 2022 at the 49th National GSD Show

View PD Zeus’ commendation

Police Dog Ruger

Presented in April 2018 at the 46th National GSD Show

View PD Ruger’s commendation

Police Dog Ike

Presented in April 2019 at the 47th National GSD Show

View PD Ike’s commendation

Police Dog Kronos 

Presented in June 2022 at the 48th National GSD Show

Voew PD Kronos’ commendation

Police Dog Rumble

Presented posthumously in March 2016 at the 44th National GSD Show

View PD Rumble’s commendation

Police Dog Quinn
Presented in May 2017 at the 45th National GSD ShowView PD Quinn’s commendation
SES Dog Cade

Presented in May 2017 at the 45th National GSD Show

View SES Dog Cade’s commendation

IMG_0713 (1296 x 864) aPolice Bitch Angel
Presented in May 2015 at the 43rd National GSD Show
View Angel’s Commendation
ServiceAward_PoliceDog_Riggs_41stNational_2013_sPolice Dog Riggs
Presented in 2013 at 41st National GSD Show
View Riggs’ commendation
bosonPolice Dog Boson
Presented in 2012 at 40th National GSD ShowView Bosun’s commendation
pdzacPolice Dog Zac
Presented in July 2010 at GSDCQ ShowView Zac’s commendation
pdsalemPolice Dog Salem (Vicpol Salem)
Presented in May 2010 at 38th National GSD ShowView Salem’s commendation
pdaiko Police Dog Ike (Raennik Aiko)
Presented posthumously in June 2009 at 37th National GSD ShowView Ike’s commendation
PD Cody with his AwardPolice Dog Koby
Presented in 2008 at 36th National GSD ShowView Koby’s commendation
pdwillcodyPolice Dog Carts (Beychief Will Cody)
Presented posthumously 2008 at 36th National GSD Show
View Carts’ commendation
pdbearPolice Dog Bear (Adelora Orbison)

Presented at 15th MBE in 2007

pdhutchPolice Dog Hutch
Presented in 2007 at GSDC of Qld Show
pdtyson Police Dog Tyson
Presented in 2007 at GSDC of Qld Show
pddukePolice Dog Duke
Presented in 2006 at GSDC of Qld Show
Police Dog Titan (Beychief Magic Return)
Presented posthumously in 2005 at GSDL Easter Show
pdamusPolice Dog Amus (Iljaberg Yukone)
Presented in 2005 at WA State Breed Exhibition

Police Dog Silky (Vicpol Silky)
Presented in 2006 at 34th National GSD Show


Elke & Jochen presented their award by GSDCA President Vince

GSDCA Special Recognition Award

The GSDCA recognises dogs that perform various roles, including in Search and Rescue. At the 2014 National Show & Trial Jochen (Rodatt Cito) and his owner Elke Effler were presented with a Special
Recognition Award for their exceptional achievements in the area of Urban Search and Rescue. Jochen and Elke have taken part in various searches, and completed numerous accreditation tests, including attending and attempting the Swiss Canine Disaster Test.

The GSDCA congratulates Elke and Jochen on their efforts.

View Jochen and Elke’s Award commendation here

GSDCA Special Bravery Awardsrockyaward


In addition to the Canine Service Awards awarded by the GSDCA to dogs in service, the GSDCA also recognises remarkable GSDs that are NOT serving in an official capacity as a service dog when those GSDs have shown intelligence, bravery and courage under exceptional circumstances. The award known as a GSDCA Special Bravery Award is usually awarded to exceptional dogs who have served man in this way in their capacity as a family pet.

German Shepherd Dog “Rocky” was presented with a Special Bravery Award at a GSDL Show held in 2007. “Rocky” had been shot during his attempt to protect his owner from intruders during a home invasion and he had been badly hurt.
“Rocky” became the subject of intense media interest in tracking his recovery.



German Shepherd Dog “Rex” came to the rescue of his owner, Raj during an attempted robbery in the street.

He was presented with a Special Recognition Award at the 39th National in Sydney in 2010.