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GSDCA Publications

QNR Private Subscription Form

Order Form for Golden Jubilee Edition (History of GSD in Australia)


Breed Survey Forms

GSDCA-BS1-Application-Form (for survey of dogs within state of domicile. To be completed by the owner of a dog being submitted for survey.)

GSDCA-BS2 Notification of failure – completed if an animal does not pass survey.

GSDCA-BS5 Recommendation for Breed Survey De-Classification


GSDCA-BS11-Breed Survey Report

GSDCA-BS12-Breed Survey Checklist


Breed Survey Books

The Breed Survey Year Book ceased production at the end of 2013. Back issues of this publication are still available. Please download the form below to order back issues of the Breed Survey Year Books.

BS Book Order Form (PDF)


Hereditary Diseases

Health Profile Report Form (Contents submitted on the form are confidential and for official use only.)
Haemophilia application form


Hip and Elbow Forms

Requirements for veterinarians at x-ray



Judges Extension Course application form


Long Stock Coat Verification Form

ANKC LSC Verification Form


Medallion Order Form

GSDCA Medallion Order form


National Obedience

Member Clubs GSDCA National Obedience Competitions

Application form GSDCA Obedience awards 2023
National Teams entry form


Semen Procedures

ANKC Certificate of Collection of Semen
ANKC Application for Registration of Semen
ANKC Certificate of Use of Registered Semen


Title Verification

Verification Form


Tooth Certificate

Application for Tooth Certificate


ZAP Assessment Form

ZAP Assessment Application Form Z1