Quarterly National Review

History of the Quarterly National Review

This magazine was first published in 1963 to 1968 as “The Australian German Shepherd Dog Review”. It was reintroduced during 1974 in B5 sized format as “The German Shepherd Dog Review” and was to take on the title of “The German Shepherd Dog National Review” on its second publication in 1976. The issues were numbered 1 to 20 and these ceased publication in October 1985.

The Current German Shepherd Dog Quarterly National Review

The current title in A4 format, “German Shepherd Dog Quarterly National Review” was adopted in July 1986 and regular publication of the magazine continues today. Referred to today as the “QNR”, it is distributed to financial members of the GSDCA four times per year coinciding with the seasons.
In 2013, the GSDCA took the decision to showcase all things “national” from the annual Show and Trial in a single edition, usually the winter publication. As a result, the National edition has become something of a year book, showcasing the animals and exhibitors attending each National Show.
For non-members subscriptions to the magazine can be purchased (see subscription form).

Advertising is offered in this magazine for private and commercial advertisers.  (see below)

For the collector, some past issues are still available, although copies prior to 2010 are not available.  Contact the QNR Editor for more details

Advertising and Publication Guidelines

Please refer to the advertising requirements in the GSDCA Regulations

Current advertising rates for the GSDCA Quarterly National Review magazine

Front Cover: $225 (Non-Advertising)

Back Cover: $200 (Non-Advertising)
Full Page: $360
Double Spread: $700
Half Page: $180
Quarter page: $100
Annual advertising package: For the same copy in 4 editions for Full, Half or Quarter pages a discount of 10% will apply
Other advertising spaces available on request. Non-Members and/or Commercial Rates available upon request.
Note: all advertisers must forward FULL payment at the time of placing the advertisement.
Advertisers are advised that where an animal is over 18 months of age it must have been successfully Breed Surveyed. Any imported animals with an overseas Breed Survey classification will be permitted to be advertised for 6 months following their date of release from Australian Quarantine.

Forward Advertising requests to: The QNR Editor

Magazine and Website Package

Each full page stud dog advertisement printed in the QNR will have the option to be replicated on a dedicated Stud Dog page on the GSDCA website for a period of 3 months following the publication of the QNR edition in which it appears. Optional extra, available at no extra charge to the QNR advertisement fee.
The “Magazine and Website Package” has been established in an effort to encourage members who own stud dogs to advertise in the Quarterly National Review magazine and to provide an opportunity to receive national exposure on the website and advertise to a more diverse range of people. This is an available for owners who place full page ads in the QNR.

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