The GSDCA Member Club and Executive Structure

The German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia (GSDCA) was formed in 1960 and has as its members, the German Shepherd Dog Clubs listed below in the Organisation chart. The GSDCA mission is to ensure the betterment and welfare of the GSD in Australia and is affiliated with the Australian National Kennel Control (ANKC) and World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs (WUSV).

The Member Clubs are the Council and it is important to note that the Executive, as elected by the Member Clubs, only role is to show leadership and administer the affairs of the Council as determined by the Member Clubs at the Annual General Meeting of the organisation. The role of making the final decision that is to be adopted nationally is the sole prerogative of the Member Clubs and this process can be led by top down but in the main is driven bottom up.

The Council has, by what it has implemented over the years, is proactive and driven by idealistic principles! Without this idealism the breed improvement schemes as put in place, with some being adopted as ANKC Litter Registration Limitations, would still be a pipe dream.

The GSDCA is the most recognised and progressive Breed Council in Australia and it will continue to serve the breed well into the future.