SV President’s Message

The WUSV are now providing the English and Spanish translation of the monthly editorial as issued in the SV magazine. The first publications can be found under the following link.


Below are copies of SV President Professor Messler’s editorial as published in the SV’s official magazine the SV Zeitung.

SV President’s Message November 2017

SV President’s Message October 2017

SV President’s Message September 2017

SV President’s Message August 2017

SV  President’s Message July 2017

SV President’s Message June 2017

SV President’s Message May 2017

SV President’s Message April 2017

SV President’s Message March 2017

SV President’s Message February 2017

SV President’s Message January 2017


Thank you to GSDCA SV Liaison Officer Honey Gross-Richardson for her proficient translations of these interesting reports.

SV President’s Message May 2016

SV President’s Message April 2016

SV President’s Message March 2016

SV Zeitung

Your members are not yet members of the SV?

It is important to know that the SV magazine is only available for members of our organization. This applies for the German issue (hard copy) as well as for the digital issue. However, aficionados of the German Shepherd dog abroad who become a member of the SV do not only benefit from the digital version of the SV magazine in English.

As a member to the SV your members would also have free access to the master data of our online-databank SV-DOxS which is also available in English. For more information please click on:

Last but not least members of the SV will find at any time up-to-date information about the German Shepherd and it’s association on the homepage of the SV which will also from now on be available in English. To find out more please go to:

This is a truly great opportunity for all aficionados of the German Shepherd dog from all over the world who wish to get in touch with likeminded people and experts alike. If your members are interested they really should not miss out on this special service and use our contact form which you find at