The German Shepherd Dog is known to suffer from a number of conditions and genetic diseases and disorders. Below is a display of articles which will inform and educate regarding the conditions which have been known on occasions to affect the GSD.

The GSDCA takes a responsible view in endeavouring to eliminate these diseases.


Bloat Haemophilia Mammary Tumours
Cancers Heart Muscular
Ears Hip Dysplasia Neurological
Eyes Hormonal Skin
Elbow Dysplasia Immunological Systemic
GSD Gastric Conditions Intestinal
Other GSD Bone Disorders Liver

General Articles

Chocolate Toxicity Natural Food Hazards Reproduction in the Bitch
Cryptorchidism Nutrition in Dogs Reproduction problems in the bitch
Growth and Feeding Puppies Rate of Weight Gain in GSDs Stings Bites and Ticks

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