The Training, Working and Utility section of the GSDCA website provides information on the promotion of the working, sporting and training aspects of the German Shepherd Dog conducted by GSDCA affiliated member clubs in all states and territories of Australia.

The GSDCA also acknowledges the work done by the German Shepherd Dog as a service dog, such as in the Police Force and as a Search and Rescue dog.


GSDCA Policy on Schutzhund

The German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia fully supports the position as adopted (after consultation with its Member Bodies) by the ANKC regarding Schutzhund as follows :

All previous resolutions regarding Schutzhund up to and including May 1994 are rescinded.

ANKC will not take responsibility for the management nor control of Schutzhund in Australia. Also, the ANKC will not recognize any Schutzhund titles awarded in Australia or to any dog awarded a title resident in Australia.

No Member body of the ANKC shall recognize or approve Schutzhund training activity or conduct Schutzhund Trial competition and any member taking part risks disqualification.

ANKC Member Bodies consider Schutzhund training is not in the best interests of their activities.


Participation in Sporting, Training and Herding Activities (for Newcomers)

In order to participate in competition for obedience, agility, tracking, herding and endurance or to attend training clubs a person must be a member of a ruling Canine body in their state of domicile. Links to the individual state ruling bodies are displayed in the green column at the left.

It is also advisable to join one of the affiliated member clubs specifically involved with the German Shepherd Dog in Australia – see Links page. These clubs can offer information for the new participant and most clubs provide training facilities and instructors.