ZAP Character Assessment

A part of the WUSV Harmonisation Program is the ZAP Character Assessment. This is to engage young dogs with interactions and scenarios that will ensure they are prepared for future experiences.

The GSDCA have introduced this evaluation for all dogs born after 1 January 2020. The test can be undertaken for all dogs 9 months – 8 years of age. The test is voluntary.

The assessment aims to promote and offer guidance for the uniform development of the German Shepherd Dog Breed and to consolidate and ensure the character and temperament as part of the breed’s inherent working qualities is maintained. It allows determination of behavioural characteristics and depending on the strengths/weaknesses displayed in each element, can be used in making future breeding decisions.

What’s involved in a ZAP Assessment?
There are a variety of exercises which assess:
General Disposition -during measuring and checking
Social Behaviour
Noise Reactivity
Movement Skills on unusual surfaces
Play & Prey Drive
Behaviours indoors
Basic Character and disposition when left alone

The various exercises are performed with the owner. The response and behaviour of the dog is recorded.

Upon ‘passing’ a GSDCA Certificate will be provided.

Below is a video of a recent assessment and the exercises involved.

Read all about the ZAP Assessment, criteria and exercises in the manual which can be found here