There are benefits in joining one of our Member Club Affiliates in your State or Territory in Australia.

If you are interested in actively (or non-actively) pursuing any interest in the German Shepherd Dog, either by seeking information or by training and participating in competition either in the show ring or in any of the disciplines of dog sport, herding or endurance why not join?

Apart from providing training facilities and instructors, some state’s member affiliates publish regular information about club activities, information of interest to the enthusiast and general information about the GSD either via a newsletter or via electronic means. In addition, as a member of an affiliate club the GSDCA will send you a full colour quarterly magazine which also provides all the latest news, information and articles pertaining to GSDs in Australia.

If you don’t want to join a Club but would like to receive the regular Quarterly magazine fill out the subscription form.

Visit your state affiliate to access member information. If you are living outside of Australia and you are contemplating joining contact the member club before filling out the membership form


Please note :
If you are not a member of a State Canine Ruling Body that you will need to join before exhibiting or training your dog at a State Member Club. Links appear for these Canine Ruling Bodies on our links page.