Awarded at the GSDCA’s National German Shepherd Dog Show & Trial

At each National, awards are presented in memory of influential contributors to the German Shepherd Dog in Australia. These sought after awards recognise each valued member’s contribution to our wonderful breed.

The Roy Brabham Memorial Trophy

(awarded to the first placed Open Bitch in addition to the First Place Plaque)

In memory of Roy Brabham, his widow Mrs Jan Brabham submitted the following in recognition of his contributions.roy_brabham_trophy

Roy Andrew Brabham was the founder of the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia Inc and its first President, retaining this office until just prior to his death. He was a successful breeder and exhibitor of the breed and also a panel Judge for German Shepherds.

Roy purchased his first German Shepherd at 25 years of age and joined the German Shepherd Dog Club of SA. He quickly became involved in the administration of the Club, firstly as Secretary, then President and when appointed to the Council of the Canine Association of South Australia (now Dogs SA) and the Royal Agricultural Society of South Australia Council, he wasn’t allowed to hold a position on a Club, so he was appointed Patron, a position he held until his death. During this period, he introduced many innovations to the Club, including publication of the first Club monthly Newsletter in Australia, incorporation of the Club and many others. As a member of Council he was involved in the take-over of obedience training by the Association and Chairman of the Obedience Sub-Committee for several years. He also represented SA with delegates from NSW and Victoria to nationalize obedience trials in Australia.

During the 1950’s there was a ban on importing German Shepherd dogs into Australia, plus they were banned in many rural areas and only desexed dogs were allowed in others, including the whole of Western Australia. It was Roy’s vision to form a national association of German Shepherd owners and breeders to fight the prejudice against the breed, lift the many bans on the breed, including importation, and to improve the temperament and conformation of the breed generally. As a senior partner in an Architectural firm, Roy’s interstate and overseas trips for business were used to meet with German Shepherd breeders and Clubs in all states and convince them to form a national body for the benefit of the breed. In this era, travel was difficult and expensive and there were no national dog associations. Despite many obstacles, eventually he gathered support from all clubs and the first Meeting to form the National Council was held in March 1960.

Roy worked tirelessly for the breed. He published the first National Review, worked towards the lifting of the importation and other bans and, as he was living in Sydney, was responsible for contracting a German SV Judge and organising the first National German Shepherd Dog Show and Trial, in conjunction with the German Shepherd Dog League, held in Sydney in March 1967. His further involvement in the breed was sadly cut short by his death in 1970 at age 40 years.

The Walter Reimann Memorial Trophy

(awarded to the first placed open dog in addition to the First Place Plaque)

In memory of Walter Reimann, James Rodger submitted the following in recognition of his contributions.

Walter was a proud Victorian who served the GSDCA very well indeed.

His contribution was significant in that he, out of his own pocket funded and restarted the GSDCA’s National Review in 1974. This was a small A5 booklet containing the critiques and photographs of the major placegetters at the 3rd National held in Dandenong, Victoria, as well as some advertising which preceded the Quarterly National Review. He continued in this position until his untimely death in 1981.

The original review started by the inaugural GSDCA President, Mr Roy Brabham, had had to be discontinued in the late 1960’s due to costs and the fact that Roy, as Editor, was gravely ill and subsequently passed away.

Walter was able to develop the National Review into a excellent publication, released on a six monthly basis and containing the critiques and photographs from the National and other major shows around Australia.

Mr Louis Donald wrote, in the 1990 “Condensed History of the GSD in Australia”, quote…. “Walter’s contribution has been a great one and for this he will always be remembered. Remembered with pride, respect and admiration.”

The Max Stokes Memorial Trophy

(Awarded to the first placed Junior Bitch in addition to the First Place Plaque)

In memory of Max Stokes, his widow Mrs Fay Stokes submitted the following in recognition of his contributions.

Max always loved German Shepherd Dogs and when given an unregistered bitch he immediately set about talking the breeders into registering her and from there trained her to her CD title. He also showed her soon realising that she was, whilst great dog, not a show prospect and although he had her until she died at 13 years he never bred her.

He saw a bitch at shows and training that he loved, and ordered a male pup from her. He showed this dog at the Newcastle Shepherd Show where he won Baby in Show and that dog he trained to his CDX and many in show awards – this is the dog pictured in the National logo known as the “jumping dog” (silhouette on each page of catalogue). From there he went on to purchase a bitch from the same dam (who incidentally won the Bronze Medal at the 1st National Show) and commenced breeding under the Ambala prefix, with which he was very successful.

He joined the GSDL where he became Vice President and then President for many years. During this time he also became involved in National Council and was very good friends with Jurgen Neddermeyer. After he and Jurgen convinced Louis Donald to stand for Council President and over a period of time these three men set about introducing, very successfully, the schemes that the Council have in place today.

Max was a man who loved mixing and talking with everyone and never considered himself to be unapproachable – he enjoyed helping people whenever he could.

Max’s love was judging the German Shepherd Dog, especially the Bitch classes, and I know he would be humbled by having this Junior Bitch Memorial Trophy awarded in his name at this and future National Shows.

The Rick Richardson Memorial Trophy

(Awarded to the Winner of Winners in addition to the First Place Plaque)

In memory of Rick Richardson, his widow Mrs Honey Gross-Richardson has submitted the following in recognition of his contributions.

JA (Rick) Richardson BEM CD. Life Member of GSDA of WA and awarded the GSDCA Service Medal for a lifetime’s devotion to the breed.

Ex British Army, Rick joined the GSDA of WA in 1973, became an Obedience Judge in 1976, and later a Conformation Judge of Working Dogs, with a decade of GSDA specialist show events, and Group 6 judging. He had served the GSDA of WA as Tattooist for 25 years, and Hereditary Diseases, HD and ED Scheme Administrator. Rick was the President of the GSDA of WA for 18 years, a CAWA (now Dogs West) Governing Councillor for six years, and was a member of the Dog Act Review Committee for CAWA

He enjoyed judging MBE and National events, Agility, Tracking, the ET, Track & Search Dog Trials and DWD competitions; served on Tracking and/or Obedience Judges’ Training and Examining Panel for CAWA, Singapore and Malaysia.

Promoting breed improvement, character building and skilful training. With wife Honey, breeder of 50 GSDs with the A and/or Z stamp, 30 Breed Surveyed and/or E.T. and Performance titled dogs with multiple Excellents, Rick was often heard to say: If you have a show dog and he cannot do Obedience, then you enjoy only have half a dog! And: If your show quality Obedience Dog is not exhibited in shows, then you have only half a dog!

Instrumental in the formation of several Breed, Obedience, and Tracking Clubs, his motto was: Breed only with the best, but love and train the rest! He espoused Positive Reinforcement Training, counselling and cheering on anyone, who spent time training, striving for his personal best! His spirit will never leave us, and there is the feeling he will meet our dogs at the Rainbow Bridge!

The David O’Rourke Memorial Trophy

(Awarded to the highest placed dog or bitch competing in the Show & Obedience)

In memory of David O’Rourke, the following is an extract from the Golden Jubilee Edition written by Karen Hedberg in recognition of his contributions.
David with his wife Sandy arrived in Australia as newlyweds in February 1968. They immediately purchased a Germans Shepherd Dog to replace their much-loved dog they had to leave behind in England. Thus began a lifelong association with the German Shepherd Dog League.

Buddy was trained to CD and shown albeit without a great deal of success but the bug had bitten and Buddy was joined by Tanaba Kuno and later Tanaba Ophelia. Their association with Tom Briggs and George Bowen of Tanaba Kennels resulted in them becoming partners in the prefix and later taking over the Tanaba prefix when Tom and George retired. It was during this partnership they first imported dogs, two bitches from New Zealand, Xodus of High Clear and Valdisahn Dechsel.

Karen Hedberg purchased her first male from David and Sandy in 1976, an Ingo son Tanaba Elkk. Shortly after Karen, David & Sandy went into partnership under the Pendragan prefix. Under the Pendragan prefix they bred a number of breed and obedience champions, Best in Show winners and many much loved companions.

David obtained his Novice Obedience licence in 1972 and later gained his Open, Utility, Agility and ET licences. In 1979 he obtained his Group 5 licence and judged all over Australia, New Zealand and Asia where he made many friends of long standing. David went on to become a Breed Surveyor.

David held numerous positions in the League and its Branches including President and was on a number of Canine Control Committees. He was the first GSDCA Obedience Subcommittee Chairman where he introduced the Obedience Structural Assessment and designed the Obedience Excellent Medallion.

David is remembered in many facets of the dog world for his willingness to help someone out, be it a Club in need of judges at the last minute, someone with a training problem or just a few words to put someone at ease at a show or a trial. A most fitting tribute to David is the Dual Performance Trophy which carries his name.


The Sam Bonifacio Memorial TrophySam Bonifacio trophy small

(awarded to the most successful Stock Coat Breeder at the GSDCA National GSD Show & Trial)

In memory of Sam Bonifacio, the following is written by Fran Farley in recognition of his contributions.

In memory of Sam – who passed away as a relatively young man – 1991. To perpetuate his legacy, as a breeder & specialist judge of the German shepherd dog in Australia.

This trophy was originally awarded at the Main Breed show, to the most successful overall breeder at that show.

Sam was a ‘larger than life’, flamboyant, exuberant and articulate personality, with a passion for our breed. His legacy was immense and in particular to those breeders who strive to attain, as near as possible, the correct type of German shepherd within their kennel. Sam’s innate understanding of, and feel for those animals which could propagate a lineage, was passed on to all who truly listened and were educated by his immense knowledge.

An advocate of ‘unquestionably’ sound character, his kennel VINBERG, produced a record number of Excellent graded progeny – in particular, via Ch.Dunmonaidh Junker NZ – the fabulous grey, who Sam ‘spotted’ well prior to that dog subsequently gaining three Gold medals at Australian National shows – 1981, 1982 and 1983. Sam leased and then subsequently purchased outright, Baccara Icecapade, solely to utilize Junker, which resulted in top quality progeny for his Vinberg prefix.

A teacher at heart, Sam was Chairman of the Judges Committee for National Council 1989 -1991 and took that position to a new level – as a professional and highly regarded portfolio. His prolific writings on our breed were recognised and highly regarded both locally and overseas.

Sam, was the ‘ brains’ behind the first importation of frozen semen into Australia – along with a small group of fanciers who backed that venture, in an effort to improve the bloodline base in this country, without actually importing dogs.

We honour Sam’s contribution to our beloved breed – The German Shepherd Dog. May future winners of the “Sammy’ award be very proud of their achievement.


The James William Henry Rodger Memorial Plaque

(awarded to 1st Place Stock Coat Intermediate Bitch)

James’ love of dogs, particularly the GSD, started in 1971. James and Louisa bought their first GSD and joined the GSDCV and within a short time, both became Club Obedience Instructors.
His commitment and dedication to his favoured breed and breed club was too vast to summarise here, however he was the catalyst for the GSDCV establishing Branch offices throughout Victoria, and he also compiled, edited, wrote and produced two definitive books on the history of German Shepherd Dogs in Australia.
Whilst heavily involved in the administration of Council, GSDCV and other canine matters, he was very much hands on with the breed. Together with Louisa they established Rodatt Kennels and bred quality GSD’s from a very small breeding program and supported and promoted all GSDCA breed improvement schemes. His idealism, passion for breeding and showing led him to gain ANKC GSD Judges licence in 1990, GSDCA Specialist Judge and GSDCA Breed Surveyor status.
He made significant contributions to the wider canine community. His record of achievement and business acumen saw him as a trusted and valued person who was dedicated to the betterment of canine affairs: Founding Secretary/ Treasurer of the Canine Research Foundation, advocate for supporting research into breed health, resulting in breeders and consumers better served.
He was also a trustee of the Canine Museum Foundation whose work has seen Australia’s only Canine Museum established at KCC Park, Victoria.
James was an honourable, forthright, passionate, and respected member of our fraternity.
His lifelong dedication and notable work for the GSD, GSDCV, GSDCA and wider canine community in Australia will not be forgotten and is now etched in our history.


The Joylene Neddermeyer Memorial Plaque

(Awarded to 1st Place Stock Coat Intermediate Dog)

Joylene Margaret Neddermeyer was born on 18 May 1952.
She obtained her Judges Licence for German Shepherd Dogs and Group 5 in 1982 and judged many times in Australia and overseas.
Joylene served the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia, specifically to the National Breed Commission for 39 years. She became a GSDCA Breed Surveyor in 1985 and was a Surveyor for 32 years until her resignation in 2017.
Joylene held many positions with the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia, namely
• Breed Survey Registrar from 1978 to 1987
• Editor of the Breed Survey Book from 1985 to 1990
• Recipient of the GSDCA Service Award in 1988
• GSDCA HD Control Scheme Registrar from 1987 to 1993
• GSDCA HD ED Control Scheme Registrar from 1993 to 1997
• GSDCA Hereditary Diseases Committee Chair from 1999 to 2001
• Rules and Regulations Officer from 1999 to 2008 and then 2010
• GSDCA Official Interpreter appointed 2008
• National Breed Commission Chair from 2001 to 2017
Joylene served on the Committee of the German Shepherd Dog Club od SA for many years including show manager and fund raising officer. She was awarded Life Membership of the German Shepherd Dog Club of SA in 1997.
Joylene lived in Wentworth NSW for several years and became involved in the German Shepherd Dog Club of Broken Hill and held the office of Secretary and Treasurer for many years.
Joylene bred initially under the Gretelheim prefix together with her sister, Jan and brother in law, Lyle Strachan. She then joined forces in the mid 1980’s with Jurgen Neddermeyer and bred under the Adelora Prefix. One of Joylene’s favourite dogs was Gretelheim Chelsea (Bedwins Seigfreud x Gretelheim Xanadu), which Joylene affectionately referred to as Adelora Chelsea.
Joylene developed several lectures on Sires Progenies and VA Animals which she presented not only in Australia but also New Zealand and which were always well received by those in attendance.
Joylene made several trips to Germany to attend the German Sieger Show and was proficient in speaking the German language.


The Thomas Roger Luxton Memorial Plaque

(awarded to 1st Place Long Stock Coat Open Bitch)

Tom Luxton was an integral member of the German Shepherd Dog fraternity. His grandfather, Mr. H D Luxton was the first President of the GSDC of Victoria, when the Club formed in 1929, 88 years ago! Tom himself was a club member for the past 60 years. He was a Club Obedience Instructor for more than 10 years who willingly assisting fellow members during times of hardship and or difficulties. The GSDCV recognised Tom’s service and significant contribution to the breed and Club, awarded him Life Membership and was its immediate past Club Patron.
Tom’s role in the lifting of the infamous import ban on German Shepherds was pivotal. He worked on producing an independent and objective scientific opinion as to the attributes and virtues of the German Shepherd Dog. This resulted in a report that saw the politicians of the day, who upon considering its contents saw the government of the day lift the ban, for a trial period of one year and then permanently a year later.

Tom created and founded Kamarn Breeders Foundation in the early 1970’s. The mission was to breed German Shepherd puppies under the Kamarn prefix for the specific purpose of going to work in a variety of community services which included the Police, Customs, Armed Forces and Guide Dogs for the Blind. Karman’s success helped dispel the community’s prejudice against our breed. He also headed and contributed much to a committee that saw the implementation of Hip Dysplasia screening scheme in 1978. An incredible achievement at that time!
Tom was a most respected member of our fraternity.
He will be missed but never forgotten.


The Hans-Juergen Neddermeyer Memorial Plaque

(awarded to 1st Place Long Stock Coat Open Dog)

Jürgen, his passion was his love of the German Shepherd Dog!
This passion saw him first involved with the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia in 1967. In 1969, he became its main stay due to the untimely death of its founder the late Roy Brabham. Jürgen, together with a growing group of idealists, commenced to be active with regards to the lifting of the import ban on German Shepherd Dogs. At that time he persuaded Louis Donald, a young, successful breeder and exhibitor of GSD’s to become President. Jürgen played a significant role in driving and achieving major change in an hostile anti GSD environment where Kennel Club regulations made it difficult to progress matters. Once the import ban was lifted, his passion and love for the breed saw him import a number of male dogs from Germany. His kennel, Adelora, as shared with Joylene, Martin, Lyle and the late Jan Strahan is a most successful kennel. This passion for showing and breeding saw him also join the peer group of our organisation as a most respected GSDCA Judge and Breed Surveyor.

Jürgen’s long life commitment to the GSD, GSDCA and GSDCSA cannot be understated. He was a friend to many in our fraternity and did not ask much of anyone. He was a true and a sincere man and will be missed by all of us.


The Barry O’Rourke Memorial Plaque

(awarded to 1st Place Junior Dog)

Barry joined the GSDAWA in 1971 and became a licenced importer of GSDs to WA. Barry became active in the GSDA of WA immediately and organised the first GSD Parade on 16 April 1972. Barry became the inaugural Show Committee Chair for the GSDAWA in August 1972. Barry worked tirelessly with the current Patron of GSDAWA, Jim Clarko to have the ban lifted on 24 December 1976, so unsterilized GSDs could be accepted into WA. This was a real achievement for WA and one that the GSDAWA membership have always been grateful to Barry and Jim for their commitment and energy to see this piece of legislation through.
In 1978, Barry became a GSDCA Breed Surveyor and a Group 5 ANKC judge in 1980. From 1981 until 2005, Barry served as the Breed Affairs Committee Chair for the GSDAWA. During this time, Barry was actively involved in the GSDCA as the GSDAWA representative at all NBC Meetings. Barry was active at a state Canine Control level, as Governing Councillor (Management Committee) of the Canine Association of WA. Barry was also the President of the WDC of WA for a time.
Barry was presented with Life Membership of the GSDAWA in 1984 and in 1988 Barry travelled to Germany and completed his SV Foreign List examination. Barry worked hard in WA to promote the ideals of the Main Breed Exhibition via the State Breed Exhibition, that was first introduced in WA 1989, with Barry Chair of the SBE Committee from 1989 to 2007.
Barry held positions on the GSDCA Executive with Judges Chair in 1994, and from 2010 to 2014 and as NBC Chair in 1996. Barry was awarded the GSDCA Service Medallion for services to the breed in in 1990. Barry worked with Marie Merchant (ANKC) to set the requirements for GSD only judges to enter as trainee judges into the ANKC scheme to become Championship Show judges for GSDs.