GSDCA 50th year memento
GSDCA 50th year memento

History of National Council

The German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia (Inc) was founded on the 13th April 1960. It is directly affiliated with the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) and comprises all the German Shepherd Dog clubs and associations in the states and territories of Australia (see Affiliate Clubs).
The GSDCA celebrated its 50th Year Anniversary in 2010 and a commemorative medallion was struck for each member (which was distributed to members via the GSDCA’s quarterly magazine). – see memento (at right). Also in celebration of its 50th Year anniversary the GSDCA published its history in the Golden Jubilee Edition of the Condensed History of Australia (see Publications).

GSDCA Development Milestones

The German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia (Inc) had its inaugural meeting on the 13th April 1960 in Sydney.GSDCA_50_Years
Milestones and significant dates in terms of Council progress over the years, at a quick glance are :
1960 – GSDCA founded by Roy Brabham and with Roy Brabham as President on the 13th April.
1963 – Logo developed as black silhouetted GSD with an outline of Australia as a background.
1963 – National Review Magazine was first published by Roy Brabham as its Editor.
1964 – 1st Patron selected was Judge Norman F Mitchell.
1965 – Press Cutting Service commenced to combat adverse media publicity.
1965 – Incorporated on 9th July.
1967 – 1st National Show and Obedience Trial on 19th March in Sydney, NSW (Judge: P Hutter).
1967 – Specialist Judges List instigated.
1967 – Adoption of the German Standard was first sought from ANKC.
1967 – Standard GSD Pedigree Forms.
1967 – Code of Ethics started to be developed.
1968 – National Review Magazine production lapsed.
1973 – Initial trial for lifting of National GSD Importation Ban.
1973 – 2nd Patron selected was Rt Hon Donald L Chipp MP.
1974 – Permanent lifting of the National GSD Importation Ban.
1974 – New dogs became available for breeding subsequent to the Importation Ban being lifted.BW LOGO
1974 – National Review Magazine (half foolscap format) was reinstigated with Walter H Reimann as Editor.
1976 – Start of a new era of GSD development with Louis C Donald as President.
1976 – WA GSD Breeding Ban lifted by WA State Parliament on 24th December.
1977 – Breed Survey Scheme adopted Australia wide.
1978 – Breed Survey Year Book first published.
1979 – Tattoo Scheme introduced.
1982 – Hip Dysplasia Scheme introduced.
1982 – New editor of National Review Magazine was James W H Rodger.
1983 – Judges Sub-Committee introduced.
1983 – Obedience Sub-Committee introduced.
1985 – 20th and last edition of the National Review Magazine in the half foolscap format.
1986 – New format for the Quarterly National Review Magazine (A4 format) with James Rodger as Editor.
1986 – Tooth Certificate Scheme introduced.
1987 – Haemophilia Certificate Scheme introduced.
1987 – ANKC Affiliation – Recognition of Breed National Councils introduced.
1987 – 1st Main Breed Exhibition with Sieger Edlenblut Orkan and Siegerin Landrina Majic Melody.
1988 – Year of consolidation of GSDCA Schemes and NBC created.
1990 – Publication of Condensed History of Australia.
1990 – Hereditary Diseases Committee introduced.
1993 – Elbow Dysplasia Scheme introduced.
1993 – SV Breed Standard (Country of Origin) adopted by ANKC.
1995 – Max Stokes elected as GSDCA President.
1995 – GSDCA adopts State Breed Exhibition Rules for all affiliate clubs.
1996 – GSDCA Canine Service Awards introduced.
1996 – GSDCA “Z” stamp required for successful Breed Survey Classification.
1999 – Vince Tantaro elected as GSDCA President.
2002 – Alterations to Haemophilia Scheme to cover only imported males, sons of imported males and dogs from frozen semen.
2002 – Dual Performance Trophy renamed as David O’Rourke Dual Performance Trophy.
2002 – GSDCA Website initiated with John Fenner as Webmaster.
2004 – Outstanding Canine service Award introduced.
2006 – Bruce Knight elected as GSDCA President.
2007 – Decision to hold conduct of Main Breed Exhibition in abeyance.
2008 – National Haemophilia Registrar replaced State Haemophilia Registrars.
2010 – Golden Jubilee (50 years) of GSDCA – commemoration medal supplied to members.
2010 – Publication of Golden Jubilee Edition of the Condensed History of the German Shepherd Dog in Australia. Editor: James Rodger.
2012 – Acceptance of the Long Stock Coat as a variety in the GSD Breed Standard, as from 1st January.
2012 – Jess Lynch appointed as GSDCA Youth Officer.
2012 – Vince Tantaro elected as GSDCA President.
2012 – Micro-chipping accepted as a form of identification for Breed Improvement Schemes.
2012 – Junior Showmanship Award introduced.
2012 – GSDCA held a Future Directions Workshop “A Shared Vision for the GSDCA”.
2013 – GSDCA appointed our 3rd Patron, Dawn Fraser.
2013 – The last published Breed Survey Book in hard copy 1978-2013
2014 – GSDCA Dog Database released for recording and viewing Breed Surveys
2015 – The Broken Hill German Shepherd Dog Club ceased to exist and withdrew its affiliation with the GSDCA
2017 – The German Shepherd Dog CLub of the Northern Territory withdrew as a member Club of the GSDCA
2017 – GSDCA Tattoo Scheme ceased
2017 – GSDCA approved one classification of Breed Survey Classified


For a detailed list of all milestones and significant dates in terms of GSDCA progress, view the pdf below :