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In order to show a German Shepherd Dog one must be a member of a ruling Canine Body in one of the States and Territories of Australia and the dog must be registered with  that Canine Body on the full Register (that is not on the Limited Register). Members receive a monthly publication from the Canine Body which outlines specialist and all breeds show schedules. See links to state bodies at left below the menu.

A number of German Shepherd Dog Breed Shows are also conducted by each state affiliate Member Club throughout the year and a National Show Event is held in a different state of Australia (eastern states) each year as well. Nationals shows are not held in WA, NT or Tasmania.

Show schedules for specialist breed shows are usually published on the websites of the Member Clubs. See Calendar page on this website for dates of specialist GSD shows and links to the Clubs concerned.


Most affiliate Member GSD Clubs usually provide show training throughout the year. Check with your state Club.showing 2


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