GSDCA Dog Database

As of 1st January 2015 the GSDCA Dog Database is available to Members of the GSDCA Member Clubs.

The database enables quicker and more readily available access to a lot of the information that members have been familiar with in printed format in breed survey books.


Access is available only to club members, and not the general public.

Each Member Club is being provided with login access. Contact your Club secretary for access details.


Visit the database:
For further specific information relevant to Australia, please contact the GSD Database Co-ordinator, E-mail


We hope you find the Database interesting and informative.


New search option added to the GSDCA Database

At the 2016 AGM a motion was carried to include additional search options for the members of the GSDCA.
Therefore, we have now introduced the search options by sire and dam on data from the GSDCA HD/ED Control Scheme and the GSDCA Breed Survey scheme.

You will notice where there are less than 10 results in the HD/ED screen, the following CAUTION will be displayed, because the small sample size may not be representative of the sire/dam.