Frequently Asked Questions

The German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia and its affiliate member clubs receive many questions and requests for information from intending and new owners of German Shepherd Dogs. Over the years, many articles have been published in the GSDCA National Review Magazine to inform GSD enthusiasts on topical items of interest. From our records, we present hereunder the most frequently asked questions, categorized under headings of Purchasing, Rearing, General Information and Breed Improvement Schemes.


Breed Improvement Schemes:

For questions regarding breed survey, hip and elbow dysplasia, tattooing, tooth certificates or haemophilia see the Breed Matters Section: Breed Survey, Hip & Elbow Dysplasia, Tattoo, Tooth Certificates, Haemophilia


Our FAQ’s

The following topics can be found on the linked pages


Purchasing a GSD Puppy/Dog

  • How do I obtain a Puppy?
  • Why should I buy a puppy through the local GSD Club?
  • Should I buy a puppy from a Pet Shop or Market?
  • What should I look for when purchasing a puppy?
  • Is my backyard big enough for a GSD?
  • How much does a puppy cost?
  • Why should I buy a puppy/dog with a registered pedigree?
  • What is the difference between the “Main Register” and Limited Register”
  • Should I be supplied with a Five (5) Generation Breeders’ Pedigree?


Rearing a GSD Puppy/Dog

  • What should I feed my puppy/dog?
  • What is the correct weight for my puppy/dog?
  • When should I vaccinate my puppy/dog?
  • When do I treat my puppy/dog for intestinal worms?
  • When do I treat my puppy/dog for heartworm?
  • How much should I exercise my puppy/dog?
  • Why is it important to socialise my puppy/dog?
  • At what age can I take my puppy/dog to obedience training classes?
  • Is obedience training important for my puppy/dog?
  • Can the local GSD Club assist me with Protection training for my puppy/dog?
  • When can I treat my puppy more like an adult dog?


General Information

  • How long does a German Shepherd dog live?
  • What should the ideal character of my GSD be like?
  • What is a Long Coat/Hair?
  • What is a Long Stock Coat/Hair?
  • What is a Normal or Stock Coat/Hair?
  • What colour should my GSD be?
  • Should my pet bitch have a litter before she is speyed?
  • At what minimum age should my GSD be mated?
  • What is the GSDCA?