This page is the Centre for all online and digital X-Ray needs under the GSDCA Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Breed Improvement Schemes

To use the GSDCA x-ray scheme you must be a financial member of a GSDCA affiliate Club.

Select each tab for more detailed information about each step. You can also View or Download the visual instructions for purchasing and uploading

Click the image to go to the online Application Form and make payment for your GSDCA Hip and Elbow X-Ray contract

Click the image to upload x-rays files (.dcm) and copies of GSDCA Contract and dog’s pedigree to submit to the Radiologist of your choice

What is the Process?

  • Apply for, Pay and receive a digital GSDCA X-ray Contract (you must be financial with your GSDCA affiliate Club, if not, contact them here to join)
  • Book and Visit your Vet for x-rays (note the specific requirements for how they are done)
  • At the Vet (or at home) upload the x-ray files and paperwork to send direct to your radiologist of choice for scoring
  • Wait for the results (vie email) and GSDCA AZ certificate (by post)

How to Apply and Pay for a GSDCA Hip and Elbow Contract

To submit a GSDCA Hip & Elbow contract application
You will need an electronic (pdf) copy of your dog’s Dogs Australia (ANKC) pedigree, preferably with your dogs name in the file name and you must be a finaincial member of your GSDCA Affiliate Club

On the Contract form purchase page (here):

  1. Select your type of x-ray (Hips & Elbows or Hip or Elbow Only). The relevant price will be displayed.
  2. Select the Type of Contract you are applying for (same as type of x-ray)
  3. Fill in all the required details of your dog, using the pedigree information
  4. Attached a copy of the pedigree (pdf format only), where it says ‘choose file’
  5. Fill in your details as the registered owner, including the member club of which you are a current financial member
  6. Tick the declaration, that you agree to the terms
  7. Sign the form (use your mouse on a pc or finger on a device)
  8. Click Add to Cart (any errors will be highlighted if they need fixing, then Add to Cart again)
  9. Review the details and if correct, click Proceed to Checkout


  1. This is where you will Pay for your contract and submit the application
  2. Fill in your own details for purchasing, including your credit card details
  3. Click Place Order (wait a few seconds for processing to begin)
  4. When payment is approved, on the screen you will see your order and receipt and you will also receive a receipt copy via email for your records.
  5. If for any reason your application is not approved, you will be advised and provided a refund.

What Happens then?

  1. Your State Registrar receives an email that you’ve applied for a contract. They check and verify Club membership and dog details against the pedigree.
  2. They then approve the application. If for any reason your application is not approved, you will be advised and provided a refund.
  3. This generates an email to you from the GSDCA and a contract will be attached as a pdf file, which you take to your vet.
  4. This is when you should make your appointment with your vet for x-rays.
  5. Have the x-rays done, then upload the files to your radiologist for scoring (see next tab)

How To upload your X-ray Files for Scoring

To send your x-rays for scoring you must have a pre-purchased GSDCA Hip & Elbow Contract. You will also need:
Your x-ray files in dicom (.dcm) format
A pdf copy of your dog’s pedigree
A pdf copy of your GSDCA contract, signed by your vet who did the x-rays

Visit the upload portal

  1. Enter all the details from your GSDCA contract and for your dog
  2. Select your preferred radiologist to score your x-rays
  3. Complete the Veterinarian details
  4. Attach the required files using the ‘select files’ button
    a. X-ray files in .dcm format only
    b. Your contract (recieved from the GSDCA and signed by your vet) AND your dog’s pedigree (same file you uploaded when you applied) in pdf format
  5. Click Submit

What happens then?
1. Your selected Radiologist receives an email advising they have x-rays to score
2. The Radiologist scores the x-rays and approves submission of the results
3. This generates an email to you as the owner with a pdf copy of the interim results
4. Following this, results are confirmed and a GSDCA AZ Certificate will be generated and posted to the owner by the GSDCA HDED Registrar