Canine Hip Dysplasia Study

Canine Hip Dysplasia Study


“No! But we are closer”.  In fact, we have made some great inroads with the DNA research into this problem.

The work we are now doing will give 90% PLUS prediction value

We are doing a long chain sequence on a German Shepherd that not only gained an “a” stamp at twelve months of age BUT also has good hips at six years of age. This is vital as this DNA will become the standard of comparison for all samples. To date we have nearly 450 samples and will soon hit our target of 500.  Thank you to all those that have supported the research by allowing me to take samples from your dogs.

The problem is that the long-chain genome will cost around $74,000 and most research grants are going to human research these days. The DNA will be assessed by a high-tech molecular biology laboratory in Arizona.

So how can you help?  Firstly, visit our site :

And donate whatever you can. If every German Shepherd owner in Australia donated just $10 we’d go close to our target. Secondly, encourage everyone you know to visit the site and give a donation if possible. Spreading the word would help tremendously. Thirdly, discuss with your club and ultimately National Council the possibility of donating towards this research.

Read the full report – Canine Hip Dysplasia Study

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