The German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia Inc is the governing body of the German Shepherd Dog in Australia, and affiliated to the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC).

We offer information on all facets of the German Shepherd Dog for owners, members and the general public who may own or are interested in the German Shepherd Dog breed.


Notice to all GSDCA Specialist Judges

The 2015 GSDCA Judges Committee Meeting discussed the matter of oversize dogs with regard to awarding of GSDCA grading’s. It was resolved that all GSDCA Specialist Judges and Judges participating in the GSDCA Judges Extension... Read More

Comparison of Measurements of Dogs in Australia

The GSDCA NBC Executive have provided a comparison of measurements of show dogs in Australia for the period March 2014 to July 2015. The comparison is provided to objectively review the consistency of measuring of... Read More

Anatomy of the Dog by Herr Quoll

The GSDCA is privileged to publish an extensive conformation lecture from Herr Lothar Quoll and would like to thank Herr Quoll for his generosity in sharing his work with us. We would also like to... Read More

Dr Karen Hedberg

Prominent GSD vet Dr Karen Hedberg has stood down from the position of Chairperson, GSDCA Breed Health & Welfare Committee. The Executive and members of the GSDCA extend our sincere appreciation for the many years... Read More

2016 National

2016 logo25th - 27th March 2016
Hosted by the German Shepherd Dog League NSW
Judges: Herr Richard Brauch (Dogs) and Fr. Margit Van Dorssen (Bitches)