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The SV magazine goes digital and English!

From now on the SV magazine will also be translated into English. Beginning with the September 2016 issue the English translation will be available on our homepage. The project is initially scheduled for the next four issues of the paper *. This new service will save our readers abroad time and offers more convenience while reading in their native language. For access to the free of charge trial offer of the digital version of the SV magazine (September Issue) translated into English please follow this link:


Next steps to be taken if SV-members desire to change from the SV magazine hard copy in German to the digital version in English

If there is sufficient demand for a digital, English version of the SV magazine, and enough readers decide to change from the hard copy issue in German to the digital version in English we will continue the publication of the English paper in 2017. From then on the digital version will be available as download in a password protected area of the SV homepage. Please note that for all readers who opt for the digital version of the paper we will stop the postal delivery of the hard copy in German to their home addresses! For the continuation of the project we do need the feedback of our readers and kindly ask the members of our WUSV clubs who are interested in our new service to fill in a contact form which can be obtained by following this link:


The fee that we will have to charge for the delivery of the paper in English will remain the same as for the postal delivery and amounts to 29.00 € per year. So nothing will really change in terms of the prices we charge. To the contrary: our members abroad who so far paid 49.00 € for air freight do indeed benefit from our new service.

Full News release here