The GSDCA provides the following list of judges critiques from shows across Australia


2018 Shows

GSDAWA Members Comp 1 July 18 Judge Robyn Knuckey

GSDCSA Champ Show 9 June 2018 Judge Dr Wolfgang Lauber

GSDCSA Champ Show Judge 10 June 2018 Judge Joylene Neddermeyer

GSDCQ Members Comp Judge Jo Cathie 9 June 2018

GSDL Open & Sanction Shows 9 June 2018 Judge Jenny DeLucia

GSDCV SBE Baby to Intermediate 19 May Judge Jenny Yuen

GSDCV State Breed Exhibition May 2018 Judges Vince Tantaro Jenny Yuen

WDCQ 5th May 2018 Judge Pieter Tjerkstra

GSD League Championship Show Judge 31 Mar 18 Judge Nancy Hermes

GSDCV All Bitch and Dog Classes 10 11 March 2018  Judge Malcolm Griffiths

GSDCV Ballarat Champ Show 4 Feb 18 Judge Ian Urie

2017 Shows

GSDL Open Show 16 Dec 2017 Judge Robert Zammit

WDCV Championship Show LSC Bitches & Dogs + SC Dogs Sunday 5th November Judge John Lijffijt

GSDCV Championship Show SC Bitches Saturday 4 November Judge John Lijffijt

GSDAWA West Coast Challenge 29 October 2017 Judge Herr J Lijffijt

GSDL Members Comp 14 October 2017 Judge Fran Farley

GSDL Championship Show Judge Oct 2017 Dr K Hedberg

GSDCT Judge M Groth Saturday 23 Sept 2017

GSDCT Judge M Groth Sunday 24 Sept 2017

GSDCT Judge S Ballantyne Saturday 23 Sept 2017

GSDCT Judge S Ballantyne Sunday 24 Sept 2017

GSDCQ SBE September 2017 – Judge G Green

GSDAWA Members Comp October 2017 – Judge J Cathie

GSDCQ Members Comp August 2017  Judge L Donald

GSDAWA Rick Richardson Memorial Show August 2017 Judge R Knuckey

GSDCV GSD Exhibition  August 2017 Judge M. Lloyd

GSD League Mid North Coast  August 2017 Judges G Appleby (UK) & J Yuen (Vic)

GSDL Glynis Appleby Summary 050817

GSDL SBE July 2017 Judges K. Hedberg and M Groth

GSDAWA Members Comp  July 2017  Judge N Humphries

GSDL Members Competition June 2017 Judge S Ballantyne

GSDCV State Breed Exhibition May 2017 Judges V Tantaro and I Urie

GSDAWA Members Competition May 2017 Judge J DeLucia

GSDL Easter Show April 2017 Judge Herr Wille

GSDAWA Members Competition April 2017 Judge J Fenner

2016 Shows

GSDCQ State Breed Exhibition September 2016 judge R Wenham

GSDCT Championship Show September 2016 Judge J Yuen

GSDCT Championship Show  September 2016 Judge A Henderson

GSDCV – GSD Exhibition August 2016 Judge – Natalie Humphries

Lillydale Kennel Club Championship Show Aug 2016 Judge A Jones

GSDCQ Champ Show July 2016 Judge V Tantaro

GSDCQ Champ Show July 2016 Judge L Donald

GSDCQ Members Competition June 2016 Melanie Groth

N&HRGSDC Members Comp Coffs Harbour Judge Ian Urie

GSDAWA Members Comp 120616 Judge A Jones

GSDAWA Members Comp 260616 Judge B Knight

N&HRGSDC Members Comp Coffs Harbour 290516 Judge S Ballanytne

Otago GSDC NZ 040616 Judge V McCambridge

Southland GSDC NZ 060616 Judge J Pike

South Island GS League NZ 050616 Judge S Pittelli

GSDCT SBE May 2016 Judge V Tantaro

Sarina Kennel Club Show 210516 Judge S Ballantyne

ADWDC GSD Championship Show April 2016 Judge S Pittelli

Working Dog Club Qld March 2016 Judge S Ballantyne

Newcastle Show March 2016 Judge J Pike

Wellington and Districts GSD Show March 2016 Judge M Groth

GSDCV Championship Show March 2016 Judge M Groth

GSDCT Championship Show Feb 2016 Judge L Donald

2015 Shows

Ballarat Dog Show February 2015 Judge A Henderson

WA Members Comp March 2015 Judge N Humphries

Easter Show April 2015 Judge Herr Rudolf

Kilmore Kennel Club April 2015 Judge I Urie

WA Members Comp May 2015 Judge R Vernon

Working Dog Club Qld May 2015 Judge J Pike

NSW SBE July 2015 Judge V Tantaro

GSDCQ Champ Show Saturday July 2015 Judge J Yuen

GSDCQ Champ Show Sunday July 2015 Judge Malcom Griffiths

Rick Richardson Memorial Champ Show August 2015 Judge F Farley

Walter Martin Memorial Champ Show Judge August 2015 Judge Saltiel

N&HRGSDC Championship Show August 2015 Judge F Stokes

GSDCQ SBE September 2015 Judge F Stokes

GSDAWA Members Comp September 2015 Judge J Fenner

GSDCSA Members Competition Oct 2015 Judge Bradley

2014 Shows

GSDCV Champ Show March 2014 Judge Griffiths

SBE GSDLeague 2014  Judges Pike Stokes Jarvis

GSDCV SBE May 2014 Judge Pike

SBE GSDCT May 2014 Judge Neddermeyer

GSDA of WA Members Comp May 2014 Judge Knight

GSDCQ Show July 2014 Judge Knuckey

Walter Martin Memorial August 2014 Judge Yuen

SBE GSDCQ Sept 2014 Judge Neddermeyer

SBE GSDAWA Sept 2014 Judge Gross-Richardson

GSDC of SA Members Comp Oct 2014 Judge Neddermeyer

WCC Oct 2014 Judge Mussolino

Ipswich Show Oct 2014 Judge Henderson

GSDA of WA Members Comp Oct 2014 Judge Gross Richardson

GSDCV 93rd Championship Show Nov 2014 Judges Donald Mussolino

WORKING DOG CLUB Nov 2014 Judges Donald Mussolino