astridGSD Puppy/Dog Purchasing

How do I obtain a puppy ?

We suggest that you contact your local GSDCA Affiliate Club Puppy Listings service, for Club Breeders who comply with the Breed Improvement Schemes. This gives a greater assurance that you are buying a quality puppy with a minimised chance of suffering defects and hereditary diseases. Links to all affiliate clubs appear on our Links page.

Why should I buy a puppy through the local GSD Club ?

A puppy that is purchased through the GSDCA Affiliate Club Puppy Listing service comes from a breeder who is a member of that local State GSD Club, and has complied with all of the Breed Improvement Schemes and Breeding Guidelines. This will provide a greater assurance that you are buying a quality puppy, that will have less chance of suffering from the hereditary diseases that may occur in the German Shepherd Dog.

Should I buy a puppy from a Pet Shop or Market ?

No ! – It is against all the state/territories Kennel Controls and GSD Clubs rules for Breeders to sell puppies from Pet Shops or Markets. There is very good reason for this. Purchasing a puppy is a lifetime decision, and therefore should be carefully and seriously undertaken, not an impulse decision. You will also have no ability to view the parents or the environment in which the litter was reared, and therefore cannot be confident of the background of the puppies, especially if they are purebred.

What should I look for when purchasing a puppy ?

The most important thing when purchasing a puppy is that you get a puppy that is healthy, physically sound, and of good temperament. A guide to assessing these things is that:
– the puppies must be clean, healthy (immunised), active, bright and outgoing (happy to see you),
– both parents must be Breed Surveyed (have PASSED all of the Breed Improvement Schemes, especially Hip and Elbow Schemes),
– documentation (such as pedigree, vaccination, worming, diet sheet, etc.) must be available,
– the kennel/yard must be clean and tidy.

The GSDCA recommends that you purchase a puppy through its Affiliate Club Puppy Listing service as these Breeders have complied with all of these requirements.

Is my backyard big enough for a GSD?

A German Shepherd is a working breed and therefore can be quite “industrious” when left alone for long periods of time and this can be directed towards destroying its environment or via problematic barking. The question regarding the size of an area to keep a GSD in is really a twofold question about whether you have enough time to devote to the puppy/dog. A GSD can be kept in quite a small backyard, provided that GSD is not left to its own devices for long periods of time without company, training or exercise external to its housing. If you have plenty of time to devote to the dog a small backyard is sufficient, but should you work long hours and have little time you may wish to rethink about keeping a GSD in a confined space.

How much does a puppy cost ?

The purchase price for quality puppies that are from one or both GSDCA Breed Surveyed parents vary across the country, we strongly recommend you enquire from the breeder prior to purchase if the parents are Breed Survey classified in the GSDCA Breed Survey Scheme.

Why should I buy a puppy/dog with a Registered Pedigree ?

Pedigree registrations are controlled by the State/Territory Kennel Control. Puppies/dogs registered with that body have been registered from pedigree parents on the Main Register and pedigree details of the puppy have been recorded for many generations. There is a Code of Ethics which breeders registered with the State Bodies must uphold in their breeding practices and this ensures that the purchaser of a puppy can expect that their puppy should be reared under those practices.

What is the difference between the “Main Register” and “Limited Register” Pedigrees ?

Pedigree registrations are issued by the State/Territory Kennel Control, after application by the Breeder. The “Main Register” pedigrees are blue in colour, whilst the “Limited Register” pedigrees are orange in colour, and are both A4 size. Dogs registered on the “Limited Register” may not be exhibited in conformation shows, nor can they be bred with, but can still be entered in Obedience, Agility and Tracking Trials. Dogs registered on the “Main Register” are eligible to participate in all aspects of the Kennel Control sanctioned activities, ie breeding, showing, trialling and breed surveying, etc.

Should I be supplied with a Five (5) Generation Breeders Pedigree ?

Yes ! – This type of pedigree is prepared and signed by the breeder and shows the preceding five generations from which the puppy/dog evolved. It should also contain details including linebreeding, tattoo number, coat colour and markings, and names/sex of litter mates (siblings). The Five Generation Breeders Pedigree is used to participate in the GSDCA Breed Improvement Schemes. Details on this pedigree should co-incide with those like details on the Registration Papers.