Exhibit Photos for QNR

Below is the notice published in the Summer QNR. Please help us to ensure your preferred image is available for printing
For publication purposes, photographs of placegetters 1 to 10 for conformation and all obedience competitors are required.
It is the responsibility of exhibitors to view and approve the photograph taken at the event by the Official Photographer.
If you wish to substitute another image rather than that taken by the Official photographer (Contact Cathy Shayler), it MUST be forwarded to the Review Editor by 11pm on 17th April, 2016 email: revieweditor@gsdcouncilaustralia.org
. The format must be jpeg. and with resolution of 1MB or greater. The email accompanying the image must state in the subject line:
• Catalogue number#
• Class:
• Animal’s name#
• Placing:
One substitution only will be accepted and submissions NOT complying with the description above will not be used.

Exhibits failing to use either the photo taken by the Official photographer or provide an image as requested by the due date, will have their critique published BUT without a photo!
Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated. There will be no extension to date for providing photos.

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