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Survey Books were published yearly since the late 1970s until the end of the 2013 Breed Survey Year. From 2014 onwards details of animals that are successfully surveyed are available to Club Members on the GSDCA database. Click here for the link to the GSDCA Database.

The Breed Survey Year Book was prepared and published by the National Breed Survey Registrar and contains the recorded Breed Survey details for all dogs successfully breed surveyed each year as appears on the Breed Survey Certificate. It also contains a photo of the dog, pedigree details, warnings and recommendations for possible sires to use when breeding.


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Breed Survey Book Contents

Breed Surveys – Indexed details of all dogs and bitches that have been successfully Breed Surveyed throughout Australia for that particular calendar year. Includes pictures where available.
Breed Survey Analysis – Surveyed Animals by Classification and State. Surveyed Males by Height and State. Surveyed Females by Height and State. Surveyed Animals by Sire.
Hip and Elbow X-ray Scheme – Hip and Elbow Results and Analysis.
Tooth Certificates Issued – Successful results Listing by certificate number.
Breed Survey Declassified – List of animals that have had their Breed Survey Classification removed
Sires Progeny – List of successful sires and progeny details.


Breed Survey Book Index

An index for Breed Surveyed Dogs and Bitches is available by clicking the links below.

GSDCA BREED SURVEY INDEX 1978 – 2012 (Bitches)


Database of Breed Surveyed Animals

The annual breed survey book has been replaced by the online GSDCA database