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WUSV Harmonisation

GSDCA – WUSV Harmonisation Program Below is the current information with regard to the WUSV Harmnisation Program and the GSDCA Member Clubs decisions regarding the implementation of the WUSV Harmonisation Program. GSDCA Harmonisation Program Plan   GSDCA ANKC Submission Read the GSDCA’s submission to the ANKC regarding IPO in Australia (Oct 2017) GSDCA ANKC IPO…

Updated GSDCA Regulations

An updated version of the GSDCA Regulations is now available. The updated version has been amended with changes as per the GSDCA Annual General Meeting (AGM) held 10th & 11th February 2018, results of the 60 day motions from the GSDCA AGM, and the Special General Meeting (SGM), held 28th July 2017, regarding the WUSV Harmonisation Program.

ZAP Character Test

ZAP Character Assessment A part of the WUSV Harmonisation Program is the ZAP Character Assessment. This is to engage young dogs with interactions and scenarios that will ensure they are prepared for future experiences. The GSDCA have introduced this evaluation for all dogs born after 1 January 2020. The test can be undertaken for all…

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