Loging into Admin Dashboard

Media Library


Adding New Page,

Adding Links

Adding Pics

Latest: Editing and Adding  (Posts)


Home Page Slider:

Adding and editing


Other Useful Links


Loging into the Admin Dashboard

go to


Type in Username and Password

After logging in you are on the main Administration Screen called the Dashboard. This is the brain behind your website, the place where you can let your creativity explode, writing brilliant prose and designing the best and most lovely website possible. This is where the organization of your site begins


The Left Hand Menu provides the tools we need

Media Library


The Media Library Screen allows you edit, delete or view Media previously uploaded to your blog. Multiple Media objects can be selected for deletion. Search and filtering ability is also provided to allow you to find the desired Media.

Add New Media

The Media Add New Screen allows you to upload new media to later use with posts and pages. You can also Add New Media through Pages, Posts and Events

Edit Media

The Edit Media page allows you to edit the information (title, caption, alt text, etc.) of media files uploaded to your site. This page does not appear as a link in the main Dashboard navigation, but is reached by clicking on the Edit link in the Media Library Screen that appears when you hover over each item, or when uploading media for the first time on th Media Add New Screen once your upload has completed.


The All Pages Screen provides the necessary tools to edit, delete or view existing Pages. On this Screen you can select the Page to edit, delete or view. Multiple Pages can be selected for deletion and for editing. As with Posts, a powerful bulk edit tool allows certain fields to be edited for a whole group of Pages. A handy in-line edit tool, called Quick Edit, allows you to update many fields for an individual Page. Various search and filtering options allow you to find the Pages you want to edit or delete.

In Admin Dashboard Click on Pages to view Exiting  Pages,


From Here you can add a new page or edit an existing page.

Editing the Home Page content Area .


In the Pages list find Home page and select edit to open.

Content here is edited via 2 Visual Editors,left column (Welcome and Latest) and the right (Hello)


Click on Edit on the Left Visual Editor


Here you can edit text or ad media content . (image bellow)

Note.. the Code text beneath Latest heading tells the Home page to populate this area with latest post items. Do Not Delete !!!!!

if you wish to add to the latest items go to Latest


Adding a New Page.

1. Click on ADD NEW


2.Insert heading/page title and text in the text box


3.Create a Heading in your new text by high lighting text and selecting from the drop menu


(make sure the toolbar toggle is clicked to reveal text tools) toggle-toolbar

Adding a Link to content

1. Adding a Link by highlighting existing text (or pic) and clicking on the link icon in the  tool bar


2. either type in a url or select from a page or post

3. click on Add Link


Inserting a Pic

1. Place and click with your text curser where you want the pic.

2. click on the add media button


3. either choose from media lIbrary or upload



4. Aligh your image by clicking on it to reveal the editing tool box.


Publish (saving) your new Page


see options in right hand col for visibility (Draft, private , public)



Adding and Editing ( Posts )

Adding a  Latest info entry (on the Home Page) is added by creating a New Post , an brief description (30 words) appears on the Home page with a read more link..


View All Posts to edit or add. Same text , images and link tools are used from Adding editing Pages (above)


Create a New Post


Insert relevant text and media


Select a Category for your post and Publish




Creates and manages events
The Events area uses a similar system as the Post method of adding content.

events link bellow


Select Events on the Dashboard to view all Events


Add an Event


Fill in all as bellow

Title , Description text and any media , Time and Date , Map options (if required) , Venue options if (required) , Feature Image (if available)


Publish or Update if editing. Events page bellow


Home Page Slider

The Slider can be set up with multiple sliding windows.

Text area on the left and  an image on the right. (bellow)


It iis edited from the Theme Options tab in the Dashboard

Theme Options > Home Slider (as bellow)


Adding / Removing / Editing

Slider Images

In the slider images row click on an existing slider to edit..


To add a New Slider click on ADD SLIDE


Here you can Add:

– Pic by clicking on Upload which takes you to the media library

When updating pics. Use large images for best results. 6×4 format at least 500px wide

– a Title, Description text , a link for the slide ..

Save changes to update!

Editing a slider


Here you can change the image , edit text and edit the url link

when updating pics. Use large images for best results. 6×4 format at least 500px wide

Save changes to update!